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Time (Eleventh Doctor!Reader x Various SNK) [6]
Hello. I'm the Doctor. Basically, run.
The Atraxi eyeball hastily zooms back to its ship and leaves. Suddenly, I hear the familiar whirring sound, only it was coming from my pocket. I pulled out the key to the TARDIS that was glowing. I grinned and ran downstairs, briefly hearing shouts of confusion behind me, and into the dining hall, where the TARDIS stood, brand new and smoke free.
I rubbed my hands together in excitement, grinning up at the blue box. “Okay, what have you got for me this time?” I murmured and swiftly unlocked the doors, pushing them open. What I saw inside caused a wide grin to spread across my face and almost brought a tear to my eye.
The console room was even bigger, brighter, and curvier than before. With winding staircases, orange walls and teal light accents. It was so reminiscent of the human retro design culture of the 1960s and 1970s, and I loved it.
“Look at you. Oh, you sexy thing! Look at you.” Bouncing over to
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 21 8
Time (Eleventh Doctor!Reader x Various SNK) [5]
Everything was quiet as everyone stared at the place the monster once was, all were stunned into silence.
“So… it looks like you had an alien convict hiding in a spare room disguised as a man and a dog, and some other aliens were about to incinerate your base... any questions?” The way everyone looked at me after that made it seem like I’d grown a second head… hold on… nope! Still have the one.
Levi glared at me, grabbing me by the collar. “Yes. Yes we do have damn questions.”
I grinned at the short human sheepishly. “Me too!” I untangled his hand from my collar and swiftly backtracked to the dining hall where the still smoking TARDIS sat. I grabbed my key and went to unlock it, only to find that she wasn’t letting me in. “No, no, no, no! Don't do that, not now!” I turned to the rather large group of people who followed me. “It's still rebuilding. Not letting us in.” I explained; exasperated and l
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 21 6
Time (Eleventh Doctor!Reader x Various SNK) [4]
I had it all figured out. Once the TARDIS rematerialized, I made a mad dash outside, silently noting that the doors closed and locked behind me.
“Hey! I worked out what it was. I know what I was missing! You've got to get out of there–” I called out, but froze when I realised where I was. As it turned out, the TARDIS actually decided to rematerialize in the middle of the Survey Corps mess hall. During dinner. “Aww… I did it again, didn’t I?”
Almost immediately, four blades were pressed to my throat. I followed the blades to the perpetrators, only to find that they belonged to four individuals; one was a short girl with ginger hair, one was a blonde man, one was a man with dark hair styled into a point at the back, and the last was a man who looked pretty old with light brown hair. I raised a brow at the lot of them.
“What is with you people and pointing swords at my neck?” they all glared at me, their suspicion was clear in their ey
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 35 12
I'll Meet You Across The Sea by TheUprisingSun I'll Meet You Across The Sea :icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 17 1
Time (Eleventh Doctor!Reader x Various SNK) [3]
I rushed back to the TARDIS with the trio, Levi, and Jean hot on my trail. I had also somehow managed to acquire a few more people. There were two brunettes; one with glasses and one without, a short blonde girl and a taller dark haired girl, and three boys – two of which had hair (blonde and dark brown). Even that blonde man from earlier joined us. Arriving in front of my infamous blue box I pulled out my key and unlocked it when –
“Hold on, what the hell is a police box?” I turned around and saw I was being glared at by Levi and stared at bewilderingly by everyone else.
“It’s a phone box!” I answered with a smile. “You know, so you can ring the police on the street!”
“What’s a phone?” the blonde girl asked confusedly, I raised a brow and tilted my head.
“Umm… what year is it?”
“You mean you don’t know?” asked the girl with the glasses.
“It’s been a l
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 62 13
Time (Eleventh Doctor!Reader x Various SNK) [2]
I set the TARDIS upright again, noticing she had taken quite a beating during my regeneration.
Before I left, however, I walked through one of the many different corridors and into the massive wardrobe. Almost instantly I found the perfect new outfit for myself. Discarding my tattered shirt and trousers, I replaced them with a new shirt and tweed jacket with a red bowtie and a dark blue pencil skirt with matching suspenders, and I replaced my old red converse shoes with a pair of leather ankle boots.
Satisfied, I left the TARDIS to fix herself up. However, upon inspection of my surroundings, I noticed that I wasn’t in the spot where I was only five minutes ago. In fact I wasn’t even sure if I had actually been gone for only five minutes considering that when I left the trio it was dark and now it seemed to be about midday. Not only that, but now the TARDIS was now parked in front of a large castle.
I slowly approached the castle when suddenly I felt something cold and metal
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 47 12
Time (Eleventh Doctor!Reader x Various SNK) [1]
I was falling. Or was it crashing? Either way, I wasn't in the best position. I grabbed onto the railing near the console, holding myself up as best as I could. Suddenly, we made heavy contact with the ground and I lost my grip, falling deeper into the depths of the TARDIS.
Quickly, I swam to the surface only to discover I was in the library… and the swimming pool.
Somehow I managed to find a grappling hook amongst the smoking and destroyed TARDIS, and I shot straight up, hooking on to the front door, I started pulling myself up.
I was totally soaked and for some reason I really felt like having an apple.
Once at the top, my eyes landed on a group of three kids, no older than ten years old. Each looked at me with wide eyes.
“Can I have an apple?” I asked, “All I can think about – apples. I love apples. Maybe I'm having a craving. That's new. I've never had cravings before. Look at that.”
“Uh… are you alright?” asked t
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 58 17
(Levi x Reader x Eren) Monster (Part 23)
I look around the room with a furious glare and spoke quietly. “You people are the worst sort…” I pointed at the man with narrow eyes. “Ohh… I recognise you… you were one of those men who were taunting the Survey Corps once they arrived back inside the walls, claiming ‘OH, they’re wasting our tax money on something completely pointless! Look at how they’re throwing their lives away, becoming titan chow and wasting our money!’ These people are trying to help you selfish bastards! They don’t want to live in fear of the titans! They want to be free from these fucking walls!”
I kicked the pole that they used to restrain me; effectively knocking it over and creating a loud clanging noise once the metal hit the stone floors. I ran a frustrated hand through my hair, taking a deep breath. “Unfortunately, there will always be people like you… people too cowardly to do what’s right and discrim
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 54 24
(Levi x Reader x Eren) Monster (Part 22)
I was sitting in a cell; chained to the wall like a dog. I knew I could easily break myself free of these chains, but I didn’t want to cause an even bigger problem than what has already happened. I was left alone for the time being, so I used that time to my advantage and quickly changed back into my human form, taking the blanket from the crappy ‘bed’ next to me and wrapping it around my now bare form.
I held it closer to me as I leaned my head against the wall, heaving a grave sigh. I wonder how Eren and Levi are doing…
I became alert once I heard the sound of hurried footsteps heading towards my cell. The footsteps came to a halt as I looked up, and my dull (e/c) eyes landed on none other than Eren Jaeger. I blinked in surprise, moving as close to the bars as the chains would allow me.
“E-Eren…? What are you doing here? You should be resting!” I exclaimed and he smiled at me sadly, shaking his head.
“As soon as Mikasa told me
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 44 18
(Levi x Reader x Eren) Monster (Part 21)
As I flew through the air, I noticed all the demolished buildings left in wake from the fight between the two titan-shifters. When I arrived, I lingered just over about ten metres above them, completely out of their reach. I watched as they both fought, cringing every time Annie managed to land a hit on Eren.
She had Eren pinned up against the remains of a building and crystallised her hand. She began bashing his head in with it and it took everything within me not to swoop in and slice the bitch up from where she stood.
Suddenly she stopped and I clenched my fists as I saw Eren’s  still and mangled up body. I was about to fly down to him when suddenly his titan form came back to life, only now it was burning. Literally burning. His eyes were glowing with rage and flames spilled out from his skin. He ripped his way towards Annie like an animal chasing its prey. The roar he emitted was that of a monstrous being, completely consumed with rage and hate.
Eren caught up to Annie
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 32 7
(Levi x Reader x Eren) Monster (Part 20)
The day had finally come and everyone was on their way to the capital. The plan would be carried out exactly as we were told, which meant that right now I was stuck in a carriage with Erwin and Levi. I was still mad about Erwin’s decision to keep me out of the action, so the whole ride was silent, save for a few exchanges between the two men.
An explosion was heard and the carriage came to a halt; we knew right away what had happened.
All three of us stepped out of the carriage and Erwin spoke up to a man with his back facing us. “Nile!” Erwin called out and the man turned around, showing an older, wrinkled face. “Dispatch all of your soldiers. It’s probably a titan.”
“What are you saying?” Nile demanded, “This is Wall Sina! There can’t possibly be titans in here!”
Suddenly Jean, disguised as Eren, stormed out of his carriage, but was halted by one of the Military Police. “Stop! Don’t move, Jaeger!” he
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 33 6
(Levi x Reader x Eren) Monster (Part 19)
I was running. It was dark and my only source of light was the glowing moon that shined in the sky above me. I heard heavy footsteps chasing after me and I felt tears pricked at the corners of my eyes as I ran as fast as my legs would let me.
I didn’t even know what I was running from, yet my heart was racing and my breathing was hitched and ragged. I turned a corner and came face to face with a brick wall. A dead end. There was no way I would get out of this.
I collapsed to the ground, shivering as a group of bulky male figures approached me. The leader had a slimy smile on his face and a knife in his right hand. The rest of his cronies had matching grins on their faces and a malicious glint in their eyes. I grimaced when the putrid odour of alcohol hit my senses.
“Come on, cutie… we just wanna have a little fun…” the leader said tauntingly, crouching down in front of me. He trailed the knife down my cheek, drawing a trail of blood in the process
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 36 8
(Levi x Reader x Eren) Monster (Part 18)
During the meeting, it was explained that number one suspect for whoever was controlling the female titan was none other than Annie Leonhart. During our days as trainees, I had only ever come across Annie a couple of times and it was brief. It was decided that on our way to the central city, Jean would be disguised as Eren to fool the Military Police whilst Eren, Armin, and Mikasa would try to capture Annie. For some reason, it was decided that I would be tagging along with Erwin and Levi instead of out helping with the capture, which really pissed me off.
“Why are you making me stand in the side-lines?” I asked Erwin angrily. “I can be of just as must – if not more – help!”
“Do you have a thing for getting yourself in danger, (name)?” Erwin asked and I growled, crossing my arms over my chest whilst giving him an icy glare.
“I’ve been getting myself in and out of danger for thousands of years, Commander... It
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 33 11
(Levi x Reader x Eren) Monster (Part 17)
My eyes fluttered open and I groaned and closed my eyes again; however, they snapped open again once I remembered the events of earlier and I shot up in the bed, realising that this was not my room. Looking out the window next to the bed, I saw that it was night time. I heard a groan and looked down at the two bare figures lying on the bed on either side of me. I blushed and was about to wake them when I heard the door to Levi’s office slam open.
SHORTY, WHERE ARE YOU~?” I heard Hanji call out and my eyes widened and I quickly shook the two men next to me awake.
“W-what…?” Eren mumbled, rubbing his eye.
“Hanji is out there.” I whispered and climbed over him to get off the bed. I looked around for my clothes before realising that I didn’t have a shirt or bra.
Levi, after realising my predicament, sat up and moved towards his dresser, taking out a shirt and tossing it over to me. I quickly caught it and put it on. “This
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 33 15
(Levi x Reader x Eren) Monster (Part 15)
After not getting any sleep whatsoever, I sluggishly dragged myself out of bed and got dressed and ready for the day. I ran a hand through my (h/c) hair, untangling any knots. I wasn’t looking forward to today at all; knowing that now the majority of the Survey Corps know what I am, and that I won’t be seeing the rest of the Special Operations Squad ever again.
I wondered how Levi was coping with it; they seemed to be like a family to the man after all.
I wondered around the castle aimlessly for a while, just… thinking.
Why did I laugh at Levi yesterday? He was probably in so much pain right now… and the fact that I laughed at him made me feel like such a jerk. I groaned as I felt a sharp twinge in my chest.
I heard footsteps approaching me quickly and I turned my head and saw Eren coming up to me. “Hey, Eren.” I greeted him softly.
“Hey, (name).” He replied, his tone matching mine. “Wanna go get some breakfast?”
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 47 55
(Levi x Reader x Eren) Monster (Part 14)
After I calmed down, I decided to wander around the castle grounds after that little “exchange” with Eren and Levi. As I strolled around aimlessly, my mind wandered over to the events that had just transpired. What with Eren confessing that he loved me and then kissing me, then having Levi come up and interrupt us, seeming incredibly jealous. As I thought about them, I felt an ache in my chest that seemed almost foreign. It was an ache that I hadn’t felt in centuries.
Who were these two humans? Why do they have such an effect on me?
It suddenly pained me to think about what might happen when I’ve completed my mission and have to return to the Order… to leave them.
I shook those thoughts away, deciding it would be best not to dwell on it and therefore allow it to affect my performance.
Looking around me, I noticed that it was now dark and my surroundings had changed into the familiar forest for training on the titan dummies.  I sighed and turned aroun
:icontheuprisingsun:TheUprisingSun 36 9


My Damsel in Distress (Levi x Reader)
You sat cross legged on the couch with Levi’s arm draped around you. Your hazel orbs were fixated on the television screen as you watched the gorgeous actress seemingly glide across the room with perfect posture. Curiously, you peeled your attention away from the door and peeked at Levi. His eyes were also glued on the model.
Your hands immediately reached for your hair and tugged at the split ends. With a scowl on your face, you examined the ends of your hair and compared it the luscious and voluminous hair on the actress; your face immediately greened with envy.
“I wish I was pretty like that…” You mumbled in defeat.
Levi felt the mood dampen and took note of your adorably cute expression as you sulked next to him.
“Baby, what’s wrong?”  Levi cooed, pressing his forehead against yours.
“I want hair like that!” You cried, completely frustrated with yourself.You pointed at the actress on the screen, gorgeous as ever.
:iconconselyea:Conselyea 40 11
Mature content
I Love You, Sensei Teacher!Levi x Reader [1] :iconkagami-rio:Kagami-Rio 126 31
Mature content
Reactions: Teacher Levi x Student Reader :iconquantumlocked42:quantumLOCKED42 76 21
Brat: Levi x Reader OneShot
The cruel world.
It was your 23rd birthday, but no one knew that.
No one had ever talked to you.
It was a regular Wednesday, and you had been on cleaning duty with Petra Ral. You grabbed a different shirt, pulling the ling sleeves so the recent cuts from your arms weren't noticeable. Pulling your hair from frustration, you combed it downward and went to the stables, your usual meeting place with her.
Keeping the usually composed and rude outer self, you snarled at the strawberry-brunette girl. "Hey, we going to start or not?" You say, kicking the grass as you hastily grabbed the nearby broom, heading to the officer cabins.
Petra just smiled, and holding another broom in her hand, she carried a bucket filled with rags, sprays, and sponges. Sending a glare, you turned around, and let out a sigh.
No one knew how you felt, the slight feeling of disappointment that no one knew your special day. No one would be nice to you and cheer for you. No one would ever give you a present, not
:iconminakoaino143:minakoaino143 179 24
Mature content
Outside the Walls. LevixReader :iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 72 30
Mature content
Inside the Walls. LevixReader :iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 111 93
Humanity's Strongest Couple (Levi x Reader)
"What'll it be, Corporal?"
"Just some scotch. I don't want to get home and do something stupid."
"Scared of the wife, huh?" the barkeep chuckled. "You're a good man, Corporal."
"Tsk, good man my ass. I'm a married man. She panics over everything." Levi took a swig of the now-poured scotch. "That overdramatic woman.."
"Aw, don't be like that, Corporal. There's got to be a reason you married her, right?" He comforted.
"Yeah.." Levi groaned.
"She's so goddamn cute.."
"Pssh, the Lance Corporal went soft on us." a Military Police captain sneered from a table.
"He meets one girl and she turns him into a wimp."
"No. That's where you're wrong." Levi said as he made his way to the captain and his subordinate.
"What? You let her crawl all over you and let her make you do things for her."
The captain sensed a challenge and stood up. "You're not a soldier anymore. You're whipped."
Levi kicked the other soldier in the shins. He groaned in pain.
"I am not whipped. There's nothing wrong
:iconnatural-causes3141:Natural-Causes3141 570 76
Mature content
LeviXReaderXErwin Request :iconneon-roses7:neon-roses7 24 71
Snow Avengers CastxTeen!Actress!Reader
Snow Avengers CastxTeen!Actress!Reader
You were the youngest person on the set so it was only natural that you would find your way into trouble, although very little of it was intentional. This, however, didn’t make things very easy for your fellow actors…
Take today for instance. While everyone else was standing on the set suited up and ready, you were nowhere to be seen.
“Where is she?” Robert Downey Junior asked, annoyed. Scarlett Johansen shrugged.
“She’s a sixteen-year-old girl on a blocked off movie set, how far could she possibly go?”
“This is (Name) we’re talking about.” Jeremy Renner reminded everyone. Chris Evans tried to call your phone but there was no answer.
“We only have ten minutes until we start shooting.” Chris Hemsworth said looking down at his phone. Tom Hiddleston, who had been playing with Chris’s hammer prop to pass the time, drifted closer to the nearest window. Something outside was
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 375 105
Levi X Reader My Wings of Freedom
       Multiple loud cries rang out through out the Head Quarters of the Survey Corps as Squad Levi, Hanji Zoe, and the Shingashina trio, huddled around a little baby.
You were cuddling your 7-hour, new baby boy, Zion, he had dark ebony hair like his father, and his facial features, of course, Levi, the father, was storming the halls to his love and newborn baby.
    "He's just too cute!" Petra cooed softly as she looked at the little boy as his cries started quieting down. "He's.....Cute...." Mikasa said quietly as she soon began to think 'He is too much like that dwarf though -_-' "YES! FINALLY! A MINI LITTLE LEVI!" Hanji cheered loudly as she was so basked in her own excitement, a certain Shorty was at the other end at the door. As the door slammed open, Hanji was smashed against the wall as the short man went to you and kneeled on the floor and looked softly at his child. "He's handsome isn't he? Just like you." You said to him as the little boy was co
:iconleaderofbloodscourge:leaderofbloodscourge 37 13
Someone Just LIke You. Levi x Titanshifter!reader
      “You can do this, (Y/n).” Eren said, “Just breathe.”
      You stood in the center of a field, only a few miles from the Recon Corps Headquarters. Eren stood in front of you, with Hanji and Levi a fair distance away on horseback. You took a deep breath, shuddering slightly on the exhale. Slowly, you lifted your hand to your mouth, letting it rest on your lips for a moment.
      “Remember,” Hanji called from her horse, “You’ll need a clear goal before transforming, so focus on the idea of picking him up.”
      You glanced up at Eren, who stood calmly in front of you, as if you weren’t about to turn into a giant Titan. Though, he would be more used to it than most. And of course if anything went wrong he could transform. Gathering your resolve, you opened your mouth, closing your teeth around your hand in one quick motion. You waited for the spark that signa
:iconlonlon09:lonlon09 860 72
Clean It Up [Levi x Reader]
Irritation flooded your closed eyelids as you were greeted by the color of red-orange when the lights in your room flickered on. The distinct sound of boots being kicked off to the corner of the room met your ears, and for a second, you still believed you were dreaming. As the human footfalls increased in your room followed by low masculine grumbles, you realized this wasn't the case.
The sound of several objects hitting the other side of the wall and the blaring light aggravated your tired, sensitive senses, and you buried your head under your pillow for protection.
"Damn it..."
Shifting in the bed, you slowly turned towards the doorway with squinted eyes. “Levi, is that you?” you mumbled wearily.
Without receiving an answer, you heard the bathroom door close. You immediately shrugged it off, assuming your assumption was correct, and tried to get some rest, but it was short lived when the door, as soon as it had closed, swung back open.
Although you couldn't see, you felt
:iconvariafran:VariaFran 92 29
His little Girl(Dad!Levi/rivaille X Mom!reader)
He’d never forget the first time he’d held his daughter in his hands. She was so tiny, so perfect. She had your nose and eyes but definitely his ears and hair. She was beautiful.
Levi then smiles for the second time in his adult life, the first time being when Erwin finally permitted him to marry you.
He’d never admit it but the moment Alina was born she had her father wrapped around her little finger.
“Papa! Papa!” Alina giggles as she’s bounced on her father’s knee while he does paperwork.
You had to be back in the medical wing today as chief advisor. Normally you’d take Alina with you to work since there was a daycare unit in the medical wing however with the large strain of sick people the daycare was closed in order to make sure that the children wouldn’t be exposed to the sickness.
As it was, Alina was all Levi’s for the day.
“Faster Papa, faster!” She demands.
Levi smirks down at his daughter
:iconeternaltoastmonster:Eternaltoastmonster 148 17
Mature content
Only Human (Levi x Reader) RQ :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 325 29
Bellatorum Form by 12Margarette Bellatorum Form :icon12margarette:12Margarette 2 0
I didn't want to... [Levi x Reader x Slight!Eren]
"[Name], what are you doing?"
Eren was very surprised to see you rushing into his room and throwing his door shut. Smiling innocently you walked to him and sat down on his bed. "Well...I thought you could use some company!" you laughed. "And can't I visit one of my childhoodfriends?"
"I don't have anything against you visiting me but I can't overcome the feeling that you're up to no good again..." he narrowed his eyes a little. "Come on Eren! Don't be so mean but if you want to I can leave..." You stood up and walked to the door. Please stop me Eren, please stop me!.
He sighed.
"I'm sorry [Name], please sit down again."
You couldn't surpress the smirk forming on your lips. You just saved my ass, Eren!.
"So, why were you running like hell was chasing you?"
"Hey, I just told you that I didn't do any-"
He gave you the `I don't believe this shit`-look. "Okay...well...hell literally chased me. Then I decided to hide." You smiled. Eren facepalmed.
"So le
:iconmoonshine-the-dark:Moonshine-the-Dark 45 13


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So.... long time no post, huh?

To be honest I've been feeling like absolute CRAP lately and have lost most of my motivation towards writing anything. Not to mention I've been preoccupied with university. (WHICH IS SO DRAINING. SCREW GETTING UP AT 6AM FOR 9AM LECTURES!!) Ughhhhhhh, not to mention I'm sick again.

Another thing! This may be somewhat disappointing to my readers, but as I'm gonna be turning 20 in August I now feel really weird writing anything for Attack on Titan characters who aren't at least 18 years old, meaning that I'm not exactly comfortable with writing my first fic 'Monster' anymore. Which is a shame, considering I started writing it in 2013, but I was 16 at the time, so it didn't feel so weird back then.

In regards to my other story 'Time' I will be continuing it, however the love interests will be changed to Levi, Erwin, Mike, and Hanji. Any interest shown by other characters will be written off as "puppy love" crushes.

I hope you guys understand and stick with me despite all this, though I won't blame you if you decide to move on.

PS - For those of you who asked for a note of the 16th entry of 'Monster', I just now realised that the name blanks I had written were filled in by an extension I have installed on Chrome called InteractiveFics. So I'm sorry if you received a note that had 'Maddie' instead of the usual name blank! (I'm kicking myself for not noticing sooner)


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